Sexy fat girl eating

Usually, your intended target does not know that you are trying to fatten them. An excess of food causes an excess of weight, so feed her a ton of food. This gets her used to the concept of a fourth meal - the one after dinner. Anything smaller than size 8 unless she's a size 0 to start with Button-up shirts Suspenders what kind of girl wears suspenders anyways? Bathroom Edit This is a key room to make right, because normal girls spend a lot of time in bathrooms, so your fat girl will spend even more time here. Note that she will probably not turn blue or purple. Basically, you are slowly nudging your target to eat more until they develop an eating lifestyle.

Sexy fat girl eating

Popcorn is great to start off this habit, pretend like it's movie night. Take handfuls of her belly at a time and show her how happy her jiggles make you. Usually, these are the fat great-aunts with the heavy accents that believe everyone is too skinny and cook all the time. If you are more scientific, find a virus or drug that will cause her to feel hungry. This can be used in combination with the above plan of feeding her fatty foods to increase fat production levels. This gets her used to the concept of a fourth meal - the one after dinner. Another curvy place on girls is the butt, which uses fat as a padding for girls to sit on. They may not be your best choice when you add fat-loaded dressings. Once your girl sits more, the fat she is collecting will eventually settle here, forming a large posterior. Skinny girls can wear one-pieces easily, but when a girl becomes too fat, a bikini is the only thing she can wear. Fat Lifestyle Edit It is handy to have a skinny girl to compare your fat girl to. Give her more drink than required and that too will be stored away as new curves. The butt is connected to the belly, so as the belly gets bigger the butt gets bigger. Once your girl's body starts producing an increased level of fat, her boobs will eventually swell. Once her system gets used to snacking between meals, her appetite for meals will return to normal, plus she will snack between meals. This usually makes your intentions clear, and can cause a girl to want to lose weight. Her body will think it is dying so the metabolism will dramatically slow down and when she pigs out most of the food will turn into fat. To avoid this provide Mum with Coke or other such drink, meaning they will be able to feed the milk production and keep the weight. Doing this and kissing her boobs and sucking on her nipples can also be a huge turn on for her and encourage her to make her boobs grow bigger and bigger and bigger until they burst from her bra. This method is only believable if you make an excuse to leave so she doesn't notice you haven't eaten. Reinforce the toilet, make it bigger, and able to hold more crap. Method Five Go to the nearest eccentric candy maker's factory and have your girl taste-test the latest gum. In skinny girls, fat collects around these to form "girl hips," and fat also collects here. Besides an increase in food, you must make other changes in her lifestyle to make sure the fat stays there and doesn't become a problem. To make a fat girl, learn about these body parts. Method nine Edit In a holiday together for a hot travel destination then you really have time for her and have time to pamper her and feed her when now full. All is well until--whoops!

Sexy fat girl eating

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  1. Then it's best that she get used to the idea as soon as possible. The butt is connected to the belly, so as the belly gets bigger the butt gets bigger.

  2. Basically, you are slowly nudging your target to eat more until they develop an eating lifestyle.

  3. A good way to measure how large her belly is is to find the depth and width of her belly button.

  4. Step Two Edit If step one is successful, your girl now doesn't mind eating too much and doesn't notice all the food you give her.

  5. Method One Edit When you interact with your girl, bring a lot of fast food bags with you, and claim that one or more is hers.

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