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Plasma palmitate, oleate, and total FFA concentrations and specific activity were measured using high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC 19 , Glucose, insulin, and FFA were measured during insulin-modified frequently sampled iv glucose tolerance tests. These measurements were made with subjects fasting and in minimal clothing and without shoes. The percent contribution of each lipid class to the total number of counts was calculated. Statistical analyses were performed by t tests using repeated-measures ANOVA for upper- and lower-body fat within the same individuals, followed up by paired t tests as needed.

Free fatty sex download

Insulin concentrations were determined using an immunochemiluminometric assay purchased from Diagnostic Products Corporation Los Angeles, California on an Immulite machine Diagnostic Products. Blood samples were collected as in protocol 1 to measure the decay of 14C oleate in plasma and the appearance of 14C oleate in plasma triglycerides. Sumner , and Jack A. Data from volunteers in protocols 1 and 2 were used to define the disappearance of the FFA tracer from plasma and the appearance of tracer in circulating triglycerides Fig. In obesity, increases in free fatty acid FFA flux can predict development of insulin resistance. This pathway of direct FFA uptake has been recently reported to exist in the postprandial state 17 and during glucose infusion 18 , but it has not been detected in the postabsorptive state Thus, human in vivo studies of regional fatty acid metabolism have not yielded findings that explain how humans develop or maintain regional variations in fat accumulation. The great majority of the FFA tracer recovered in lipid extracts from isolated adipocytes was in triglycerides, whereas significant amounts of radioactivity were found in the FFA fraction of whole—adipose tissue lipid, unless the biopsy was performed 40—45 min after the FFA tracer injection. A much simpler approach was to wait until 40—45 min after the tracer bolus to collect the tissue samples. Determining tracer distribution within adipose biopsies. Adult women have greater nonoxidative FFA disposal and recycling than men 11 , 12 , and the rate of FFA release into plasma is greater in women than men The tracer distribution in lipids phospholipids, monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides, cholesterol esters, and FFAs extracted from whole adipose tissue and from isolated adipocytes was assessed to distinguish whether the tracer in whole adipose tissue represented intracellular triglycerides or extracellular radiolabeled FFAs. Measuring mRNA for fatty acid transporters. Subcutaneous adipose tissue from abdomen and thigh was washed and flash frozen until extraction. Paul, MN was used to measure adipose tissue blood flow 14 — For example, lean and obese men and women with differing fat distributions do not display the variations in regional FFA release that would be expected to cause retention of fat in certain depots 6 — 8. Fasting plasma glucose and insulin concentrations were 5. Serum glucose and insulin were analyzed by the NIH Clinical Pathology Department using standard methodologies as previously described Studies of isolated adipocytes or adipose tissue fragments have suggested that regional differences in lipolysis 4 or uptake of triglycerides via lipoprotein lipase LPL 5 account for the differences in body fat distribution. We gave an intravenous bolus of an FFA tracer and performed fat biopsies timed such that virtually no FFA tracer remained in the circulation and there would be insufficient tracer in VLDL triglycerides to allow adipose tissue accumulation via the LPL pathway. To measure the whole—adipose lipid specific activity, freshly rinsed tissue was added to 15 ml CHCl3: Fat cell size was not different between men and women, and abdominal adipose blood flow was greater in men than in women, which would be expected to favor greater, not lesser, direct FFA uptake in men. McDuffie , Gabriel I. Each adolescent, along with a parent, gave written consent for protocol participation. These measurements were made with subjects fasting and in minimal clothing and without shoes. Inclusion criteria are described below; exclusion criteria included smoking, pregnancy, breast-feeding, and use of medication that could affect lipid metabolism that could not be stopped for at least 2 weeks before the study. However, there is little information about predictors of FFA flux in children and adolescents.

Free fatty sex download

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  1. The amount of FFA tracer in plasma triglycerides was determined by extracting lipids from 1.

  2. If regional differences in FFA release cannot account for site-specific fat retention, then it is reasonable to ask whether variations in fatty acid uptake are causative.

  3. The expected differences in percent body fat and regional fat mass were observed; abdominal and thigh fat cell size were not different in men and women Table 1. The morning after admission to the Mayo GCRC, adipose tissue blood flow 14 was measured in the overnight postabsorptive state to test for site or sex differences that could affect tissue FFA delivery.

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